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Some Cool Stuff for June...

Looking back, the Metro has had a busy few weeks…                      

Carrying forward its new club night on first Fridays, Dunkleheit continued to draw a great crowd with a lot of energy & a good time had by all. Phoebe & Panic have done well by pulling together a smaller venue but playing to a more intimate crowd. Even still, great music & a good vibe have filled the dance floor since their opening.

The previous week, we have to say that DC TNG hosted yet again one of the scene's best underground parties! A fantastic affair at Judy's saw a great afternoon with grills blazing & blenders blending. The food was fantastic, the hooka lounge was an awesome touch, & those frosty drinks made for a relaxed kick-off to the summer season. Bu things transformed later that evening as the level of play & social frolic continued to show why DC TNG is such a strong player in the adult & alternative scene. We'd like to thank Ariel & his whole team for making such a strong contribution to the DC Underground.  

And of course, DXS Rapture continues to pull a great night at their "speakeasy" location. Sure, permits are fully in place & the city has given it a full blessing to operate as a club. But it just has that cool feel where you go up to a gate at a secret location & the guy at the door needs a password before you can even gain access. Inside is just what you'd expect for such a private venue: one of the scene's best BDSM underground parties with DJ Wien providing a DJ line-up worthy of a mainstream club night, a light-fare buffet, open bar, & a level of play that is constrained only by one's imagination. 

We also have to give one last round of thanks to British Lucky Paul & all those who made the Studio 54 Party so spectacular. The venue was great, the people were absolutely beautiful, & the whole night was truly a return to form for an era that has long since past. The 70's were alive again for at least one night in May.

To which, Goth Prom was also a raging success!  Tony & Dirty-B pulled together a great night & continued one of DC's greatest traditions in high style. Indeed, this was a crucial event - for not only was it a glorious return to form, but it was also our last chance to prove that we can still pull the numbers & fill a venue as prominent as TOWN. Make no mistake, all expectations were exceeded in every regard.  Thank you Tony & Brian for your years of continued service to the scene, & congratulations for hosting such a spectacular evening. 

And lest not forget the 10 year anniversary of Exposure with Das Ich & Red This Ever live. What an INCREDIBLE night! Haven't had that much fun since Nation closed - we look forward to future shows. 

Other venues continue to impress as well. Word has it that the B.E.S.S. Pajama Party at The Crucible was a good time had by all, & of course Camp Crucible was in full swing, but what can we really add to such a fantastic event in a forum such as this.

Moving over a bit more to the mainstream, Madam's Organ 80's Night w/ London Shadows has been pulling some great crowds for a mid-week venue, & Midnight has hosted a great line up of live bands throughout the month. Word has it that the Red & Black Ball hosted by Sugar in Baltimore as an equally great event. But all in all, these are only a few of the great venues that have hosted impressive affairs throughout the season.

So what's on tap for the rest of June & beyond?   Here are just a few highlights…

Fri 12th - Baltimore TNG hosts Kinky Carnival at The Crucible. This is their largest play party planned to date! Doors open at 9pm. Event features carnival & side show entertainment, open play ALL night long, cash bar, light fare, & more!  Tickets are $35 at the door or $30 in advance.

Capitol Pride runs all week until the culmination of events reaches its crescendo on Saturday the 13th as the Pride Parade runs through Logan & Dupont Circle. Later that night, TOWN hosts Ru Paul live & then on Sunday Pennsylvania Avenue hosts the Annual Gay Pride Street Festival.   Not your flavor?  Then head up to Hampden & check out Hon Fest in Baltimore - there's just nothing else like it in world.  So kitschy you'll think you're in a stage play of Hairspray! 

Saturday, June 20th, DJs London Shadows & Nightshade bring back the old skool days with a special private party for local members of Arcane Delights & the DC Goth Scene.

Later in the month (Friday the 26th), DJ Panic of Bound host Xuberix live for a Kinky Bikini Party at Asefu. Then the following night (Saturday the 27th), Midnight presents international recording artists FGFC820 - "bringing the 'thump' back to EBM!" 

Of course, Artomatic runs all month with a host of intriguing events throughout the month (check out Nuclearfest on Sunday the 21st) - all reaching a grand height on July 5th for it's Closing Party: something along the lines of 4 bands, 5 DJ's, belly dancers, fire eaters, & more art than you cover in a day is planned (not to mention special career oriented seminars hosted by the beautiful & talented Ebony Tara Scurry of Eidolon Career Solutions). Indeed, this is an event NOT to be missed. 

But this is only a mere sliver of the many events planned for June & beyond.

Don't miss out!  For more information on these & a full listing of what else is going on (not to mention a ton of other cool stuff), check out our main site at - our calendar lists full details on all events, Club & Group sections carry a rundown of each host organization in & around the area, & further pages include regional & national resources - even mainstream organizations - plus more!

We hope you check it out… 

Rick (RichardAD)...
The Metro Underground.


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