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goLEATHER 2009 meeting PLUS!! MAL shopping trip

Hello everyone,

I hope this message finds you well. For those in the DC/MD/VA area, or those from further but willing to come down here, I wanted to announce our next meeting - and the following weekend, a group trip to the MAL vendor market for shopping, or window shopping if you're like most of us (i.e. poor!) The details are below - thanks for reading!

On 1/11, @4pm we invite anyone and everyone who is interested or curious about the group, who may possibly want to be involved in the coming year, to attend a short 2009 planning meeting. During 2008 we've had a great time but we'd love to see a more active membership and we want YOUR input on the direction of the group. Should goLEATHER focus more on community service? More on activism? More on education? More on fundraising? All of the above, or none? If you would like to be a member or an Advocate Member, please join us for this session. If you cannot make it, please email me beforehand if you'd still like to contribute ideas. If enough people are present we will elect officers or take volunteers for positions for the 2009 year. If you've always wanted to have a hand in helping a small group get off the ground, please come and join us.

For more information, email me (DominaSmartass) or check out and

Then, on 1/17, come with us on a shopping trip to the MAL Exhibition Hall. It doesn't cost anything to get in and this is some of the best shopping you'll find with so many vendors all in one place. We can plan a meeting time and place but the exhibition hall opens at 10am and I'm thinking we'll go down around noon. I will post updates as plans firm up.

goLEATHER is active online on LJ, Fetlife, and yahoogroups. Please join one of them if you would like to be kept in the loop for meetings, parties, and events.
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