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goLEATHER and *Friends* Winter Party

Yes, I'm crossposting - i.e. spamming everyone with this announcement.

goLEATHER is having a winter (holiday...or not) party. The date is still TBD but most likely the weekend of the 13th or 20th (December.)

This is not strictly a goLEATHER thing but a party for all of our friends whether you're kinky, leather, bdsm, poly, or vanilla. Ok...maybe not vanilla. OK, what the hell, you can come too!

If you're interested in coming, please respond with your date availability. Friday or Saturday night, on 12/12 or 13 or 12/19 or 20.

And...not only will this be a social event but play will be welcomed and encouraged. We do have the suspension frame and a massage table (which can be used for much more than massage in case you couldn't guess.) We have beds, sofas, sofa beds, a basement-dungeon thing, a back porch. It's gonna be a shindig.

I'm going to try to have a final date and time picked out by the end of this week so if you absolutely have to come and are not around one of those dates, speak up.

I also want to send an evite so if you see this and you think you'd want to come, send me your real email so I can make a proper invitation.
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