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Join me at BESS Tomorrow Night

Hi Everyone,

One last shameless plug for my BESS class. I'm very excited and honored to be presenting at BESS for the first time so I hope to bring out a nice crowd. The topic is "Young and Dominant?" Description as follows:

When you are new to the BDSM community, especially if you're a young person, it's often taken for granted that you are - or should be - submissive. Many people advocate learning from the bottom up but is that the only way? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of doing it? As someone who started off in the submissive role but quickly realized that it wasn't "me" I would like to share experiences and knowledge with other young people who find themselves called to the side we are not always encouraged to be on. I believe that young people can be responsible, knowledgeable, and skilled dominants but we do have to overcome obstacles - not least of which is the age bias. On the other hand, it's important to recognize when we are ready to be the D counterpart in a D/s relationship and when we are not.

Check out for more info. The meeting starts at 7:30 at

The Holiday Inn
6323 Ritchie Highway
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
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